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November 2009
Livingston Press

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In Shark Girls two women's lives are transformed by a shark attack that amputates a child's leg. It is alternately narrated by "Scat," the older sister of the victim, now a reformed drunk and a "disaster photographer," and "Gracie," a casualty of a disfiguring accident, who becomes obsessed with "Shark Girl," as Scat's younger sister is known. In the media and popular belief, "Shark Girl" is rumored to have supernatural powers.

ISBN: 978-1-60489-044-0 Trade Paper $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-60489-043-3 Library Binding $27

360 Pages

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Praise for Shark Girls:

"As Hawaii becomes a state, sexy housewife Jaycee seethes like a caged predator. She is careless of her children, even pretty little Willa, who nearly dies after losing a leg to a shark. Willa heals physically, but she does not speak or leave her bed for 18 years. When she does emerge, "Shark Girl" is thought to be a mystic and a healer. Her older sister, called Scat, has become a "devastation photographer," specializing in natural disasters. Scat tries to reunite with her sister, but Shark Girl is elusive. No one is whole in award-winning Colbert's novel of terrors hidden and all too obvious. As the story reaches from Hawaii to Maine, all kinds of "shark girls" surface, including Gracie, a gentle 21-year-old with a cruelly scarred face, who picks up Willa's trail. Colbert has created an edgy and lush gothic tale laced with outlaw eroticism and barbed absurdities, and propelled by a powerful undertow racing beneath every alarming scene, bitterly funny moment, and strange twist of fate. From women battered and haunted to "throwaway kids," rock-and-roll burnouts, and quixotic quests, Colbert summons a world as volatile as Hawaii itself, with its cycles of volcanic destruction and slow repair."
spacer-Donna Seaman, BOOKLIST (Starred Review)

"Colbert's Shark Girls is a mesmerizing novel, vibrant with eroticism, myth, and mystery."
spacer-Madison Smartt Bell, author, All Souls' Rising

"This novel is so original and strange that it's hard to put a label on it, yet it has the lively detail and bold characterization and compelling plot that always make a good novel. I was captivated by the bold twists and turns, as well as the sharp and inventive language, and I was drawn in by the fascinating lore and setting of Hawaii."
spacer-Bobbie Ann Mason, author, In Country: A Novel

"Jaimee Wriston Colbert's Shark Girls is as inventive as any novel I have read in a long time, the prose boisterous and perfectly mastered to tell this story about home and leave-taking, and about the quirky and unrelenting desire of the heart to find itself. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignantly, even disturbingly sad, it is, finally, and in every word, tender and original and as compassionate a look at character and place as you're apt to find anywhere. Shark Girls dazzles. A remarkable achievement.
spacer-Jack Driscoll, author, How Like an Angel

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